1 FR2 80 BLACK
    1 FR2 80 BLACK
    FR2 80 BLACK

    FR2 80 BLACK

    Product available with different options

    This model may be delivered with the following modification: 

    - Black downtown wheels (same model different color).

    - FK metal top buckles (upgrade of the usual plastic safety top buckle)

    The FR2 80 is the perfect skate to combine FReeride and FReestyle skating in only one model.

    Thanks to their R2 rockerable frames, you just need to turn the axles to get more manoeuvrability to practice FReestyle or more stability for enjoy FReeride.

    Thanks to the integrated plates, you will gain in stability and precision.

    The FR2 is a great skate to improve your skills in all skating styles.



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    SIZE: 34-47

    COLOR: Black

    OPTIONS: FR custom color kits

    FRAMES: R2 frames 243mm (4x80) rockerable

    CUFFS MOUNTING: Cuff buttons adjustable in 4 positions

    STRAPS: Wider Ratchet buckles and Single Arm

    WHEELS: Downtown Wheels Size 80mm/85A

    BEARINGS: FR Twincam MW7 Titalium Freeride

    LINERS: Removable

    INSOLE: FR insoles

    USE: Freeride, City Skating, Freestyle

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